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Hurricane and Storm Surge Assessment

CCC uses analytical and statistical techniques to address all of your tropical cyclone and storm surge risk assessment needs.
We have access to various government sanctioned data archives, state-of-the-art models and innovative analysis techniques to apply to your problem.

Site-Specific Storm Surge Risk

Storm Surge Modeling

Data and Analytical Resources

We provide:
  • Site-specific tropical storm hit and near miss return periods
  • Objective evaluation of industry standard storm risk models
  • Risk-neutral value of Hurricane Risk Landfall Options
  • Expert analyses of your hurricane risk-related issues
Dependent Factors:
  • Historical Climate (look-back period)
  • Circulation Anomaly Influences (El Niño, NAO, etc.)
  • Climate Change Influences (IPCC modeling)
  • Sea Surface Temperature Effects
  • Coastal Upper Air Shear / Steering Flow Effects
We provide:
  • Objective analysis of arrival times of storm wind and surge
  • Space and time evolution of storm surge and currents
  • Climatological Storm Surge Analysis
  • ADvanced CIRCulation model (ADCIRC)
  • Sea, Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricanes (SLOSH)
We utilize:
  • Global observational data (surface and upper air)
  • Climate model forecast data (surface and upper air)
  • Historical oceanic wave and sea-state data
  • Best track tropical storm and hurricane historical data
  • Hurricane wind field reconstruction
  • Wind field forecasts (peak wind per sector)
  • Track and eye radius forecasts
  • High resolution coastal bathymetry data
  • Geo-referenced topographic maps with land use features