Climatological Consulting Corporation


Business Categories with Potentially Strong Weather Sensitivity:

Weather & Climate…
Reconstructing the Past,
Anticipating the Future

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Irrigation requirements
  • Timing of planting and harvesting
  • Pesticide applications
Retail / Manufacturing:
  • Weather and climate impact on winter and summer clothing sales
  • Beverage sales and distribution during heat waves
  • Hurricane forecast impact on plywood distribution
  • Hurricane landfall impact on generator distribution
  • Adverse climate and weather protection using weather derivatives
  • Impact of seasonal climate variations on housing starts
  • Weather induced construction delays
  • Weather and climate impacts on energy efficiency
  • Climate change impact on building code standards
  • Weather impacts on air traffic delays
  • Offshore shipping and severe weather
  • Weather stresses on highway infrastructure
  • Planning roadway and aircraft deicing capacity
  • Energy demand and load forecasting
  • Planning fuel purchases; offsetting fuel price fluctuations
  • Siting renewable energy sources (wind and solar)
  • Impacts of climate change on all of the above
Water Resources and Hydrology:
  • Coastal erosion and sediment transport
  • Offshore shipping and severe weather
  • River flow and flooding concerns
  • Ice occurrence and river level impacts on inland shipping
  • Flood and wind risk assessment
  • Risk assessment model evaluation
  • Outdoor event wind / temperature / rain insurance
  • Crop loss protection