Climatological Consulting Corporation

Climate Change

Climate change potentially impacts many business categories.
CCC provides client-specific analysis for:

Weather & Climate…
Reconstructing the Past,
Anticipating the Future

  • Length of growing seasons
  • Temperature and/or precipitation stresses
  • Migration of optimal crop growing regions
Retail / Manufacturing:
  • Timing of seasonal clothing manufacturing and distribution
  • Changes in seasonal sales of beverages, soups, etc
  • Increased coastal erosion concerns
  • Frequency and duration of construction delays
  • Material substitution due to changes on weathering rates
  • Changes in infrastructure weathering rates
  • Changes in northern shipping lanes
  • Regional energy demand and load changes
  • Increased urgency for renewable energy sources
Water Resources and Hydrology:
  • Changes in river levels
  • Reservoir storage and water delivery timing
  • Timing of snowpack melt and reservoir recharge
  • Regional changes in flood, high wind and wildfire risk
  • Long-term changes in hurricane risk
  • Increased risk to coastal properties